Sandhi Bentrock Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay 2014

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A special treat and a truly REMARKABLE Chardonnay.

Producer/Winery: Rajat Parr & Sashi Moorman; Sandhi Wines; Lompoc, California.

Grape Variety: Chardonnay.

Geographic Appellation: Sta. Rita Hills; Central Coast, California.

Vintage: 2014

Price: $69.95

Purchased From: Woodland Hills Wine Company; Woodland Hills, California.

Paired With: Seared sword fish, mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts.


    Chilled before drinking. Clear, oat straw color. Fresh aromas of vanilla, smoke, wet trap rock, lemon and the wispy scent of blooming Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia). Wonderfully fresh, medium body, just a touch of creaminess and a solid 800 grit texture. Intense flavors including: vanilla, smokey lemon and apples being cooked. Lots and lots of crisp acidity, a stout mineral presence and a medium-length finish that ends with intoxicating tart lemon. As each sip ends it just screams to take another sip of fresh alluring tastes and mouth sensations. If it weren’t for the vanilla we would say Sandhi put Burgundy in the bottle…it’s really that good. Drinking this Sandhi Bentrock Chardonnay reminds me of sitting in a (Hunterdon County) New Jersey mountain orchard on a sunny day in late spring…a wonderful experience, just like this wine. A special treat and a truly REMARKABLE Chardonnay.

    Just as we’ve said before, Jon Bonné describes the Sandhi Chardonnays in his book The New California Wine, but drinking them really gives the term “California Chardonnay” a whole new meaning!!! Just how much did we like this wine?…well we joined the Sandhi Wine Club so we can enjoy their wines in North Carolina too, something we have only done once before!!!

Rajat Parr in the Sandhi Winery
Photo from Sandhi Wines.
Comments: Learn more about Sandhi and their wines.
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Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Closure: Natural cork.

UPC Code: NA

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