Pol Acker Blanc De Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine

Recommendation: Probably quite cheap and works perfectly for a welcome toast.

Winery/Producer: Bottled and shipped by: CFGV; Tournan En Brie, France.

Grape Variety: Blend of white.

Geographic Region, Appellation: France.

Vintage: NA

Price: Unknown

Purchased From: Cunard welcome aboard gift. (New York)

Paired With: Sipping


    He said: Chilled before opening. Almost clear, with just a slight pale yellow color. Zero aroma. Sparkling mouth feel and a slight taste of melon with hints of damp earth in the finish. This is hard to drink this after last nights Henri Goutorbe Grand Cur Champagne. However it is what it is and we’re not into kicking a gift horse in the mouth. This was very drinkable and better than a lot of cheap sparkling wines that are labeled “Champagne” in the United States. It’s festive and did exactly what Cunard wanted it to do…welcome us aboard the ship. Would I recommend it, sure because it’s probably quite cheap and works perfectly for a welcome toast.

    She said: It’s not fair to drink this the night after drinking the Henri Goutorbe but that’s what we did. I’ve enjoyed the Cunard gift of sparkling wine in the past but after the Henri Goutorbe it fades in comparison. With virtually no aroma it has a bubbly light Chardonnay presence on the palate with a tad of sweetness as it passes into a medium-long finish. The biggest draw back is its heaviness in spite of the bubbles, but with all that said it is very drinkable especially if you have not had Henri Goutorbe Champagne the night before.


Alcohol: 11.5%

Bar code: 3 438931 011128

Imported by: NA