El Burro Kickass Garnacha 2013

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Winery/Producer: Bodegas Pago de Ayles, Cariñena, Spain.

Grape Variety: Grenache.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Spain.

Vintage: 2013

Price: Gift (estimated cost $11.00)

Purchased From: Gift

Paired With: BBQ chicken with cole slaw, lentil salad and roasted eggplant hummus. .


    He said: Opened 30-minutes before drinking. Clear, almost opaque, very dark purple color with a cherry red rim. Very, very light cherry aroma with hints of alcohol in every pour. Light fruit taste initially, than at mid palate a very strong tar flavor comes on strong and finishes with an intense bitterness. Clearly not your every-day Grenache…not a lot of bouquet or taste; but it is mouth-filling and has considerable acid at the finish. We both talked about not finishing it…which says it all!!!

    She said: Very dark, almost black in color, opaque, with long thin dashing legs. I expect a Grenache to have an abundance of aroma and flavor so I was surprised when this one did not. The aroma was noticeably weak and the taste was a bit on the dull side. On the other hand the tannins were pleasing. The finish varied as I sipped the wine after dinner. At first it was bitter and I considered pitching the rest of my glass but as time went by I grew accustomed the bitterness and disliked it less. By the time I finished the last pour I enjoyed a hint of berry flavor that I liked. The wine was not good with my dinner and only passably as a sipping wine. Perhaps there are better pairings. The wine was so odd ball that I would not have it again.


Alcohol: 14%

Bar code: 8 58828 00102 6

Imported by: Well Oiled Wine Company; Leesburg, Virginia.