Wine Pairing Dinner: The Village Tavern at Reynolda Village

Location: Village Tavern at Reynolda Village; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Host(s): Anthony Bonner, General Manager of the Village Tavern

Dinner Price: $48.00/person

Comments: How does grilled eggplant stuffed with kalmata olive and feta cheese, heirloom tomato pie, and raspberry-balsamic semi-freddo sound? Add grilled chicken a la orange, basmati rice summer vegetable salad, plus an array of Steele Wines, and you have a very tasty dinner paired with delicious yet modestly priced wines. We won’t even mention the friendly service, the generous portions of all the wines, and the ambience of the terrace where the dinner is held. It all made for a great evening and we are thankful that such a delightful opportunity is available to us. If you are interested in wine going to a wine pairing dinner can be an educational as well as enjoyable activity. But wine-pairing dinners are as different as the wine they are serving. They vary in the kind of food and wines presented, the way they are paired, and crowed the event attracts, as well as the cost. You may have to attended many to find the one(s) that match your own preferences but the search is fun and well worth the time and money.

1. Menu and Wine:

    Grilled Eggplant stuffed with Kalmata Olive and Feta Cheese.
    Wine: Steele Cabernet Franc Rose 2012
    Basmati Rice and summer vegetable salad
    Wine: Jed Steele’s Shooting Star Riesling 2010
    Heirloom tomato pie
    Wine: Jed Steele’s Shooting Star Aligote 2010
    Grilled chicken a la Orange
    Wine: Jed Steele’s Shooting Star Blue Franc 2008
    Raspberry-balsamic semifreddo
    Wine: Steel Outcast Blend 2009