Chatham Hill Pinot Grigio 2013

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Winery/Producer: Produced and bottled by: Chatham Hill Winery; Cary, North Carolina.

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio

Geographic Region, Appellation: Unknown.

Vintage: 2013

Price: $12.99

Purchased From: The Berry Patch; Greensboro, North Carolina Farmers Market.

Paired With: Sipping.


He said: About a month ago we had the Chatham Hill Pinot Grigio 2011 (which was labeled “California” and didn’t like it so we tried the more current 2013, which lists no Geographic Region or Appellation). We blind tasted this side-by-side with an inexpensive Italian Pinot Grigio (Bidoli Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio at $9.90) that we thought was a good comparably priced basic Italian Pinot Grigio to use for centering. Here’s the result:

Clear, light lemon color. STRONG damp earth and rotten egg (quite moldy for me, but other tasters said it was like sulfur) aromas. Fairly strong brunt rubber and astringent acidic taste. No crispness or fruitiness we expect from a Pinot Grigio (it was very similar to the 2011). The finish had a harsh taste that was offensive and continued as a long after-taste. Along side the Bidoli it was unpleasant and simply a disappointing wine. So what is the outcome from a side by site comparison of an inexpensive Italian Pinot Grigio and the North Carolina produced Pinot Grigio…don’t waste your money on the North Carolina attempt at Pinot Grigio…go for the “real thing”…almost any “cheap” Italian Pinot Grigio is going to be better than the Chatham Hill Pinot Grigio. I agree with the slogan “Buy Local”, but, clearly not with this wine.

She said: The first sniff of both was repugnant and smelled of sulfur with the North Carolina wine being the worst offender. As time went by the aroma of the Italian wine (which had a screw cap) quickly improved while that of the Chatham Hill wine did not. The Chatham Hill wine had a light body and sourness in the finish, while the Italian Pinot Grigio was more crisp and satisfying. The Chatham Hill Pinot Grigio had a harshness that was absent in the Italian wine and made it less appealing. There is no doubt that the Italian Pinot Grigio is a bargain wine at under $10 while the Chatham Hill, North Carolina wine was, as an expert said, “better than vinegar”.

Comments: We did this side by side blind tasting at a popular wine shop and everyone agreed on the result…after we were done the comment was made  “do we want to pour the remaining Chatham Hill wine down the sink???” YES!!! It was that bad. Side-by-side tasting is VERY revealing.

Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: 8 11461 00

Imported by: NA