Morande Reserva Casblanca Valley Gewurztraminer 2013

Recommendation: Unusual very flavorful taste and a VERY easy drinking Gewurztraminer.

Winery/Producer: Vina Morande; Pelequen, Chile.

Grape Variety: Gewurztraminer

Geographic Region, Appellation: Casblanca Valley, Chile.

Vintage: 2013

Price: $46.00

Purchased From: The Britannia Restaurant, on board the Queen Mary 2.

Paired With: 1. Chicken curry with basmati rice, cucumber raita, naan bread and a poppadum. 2. Indonesia chicken, papaya and avocado salad with pecan nuts ad gingered citrus dressing.


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Clear, with just a tiny tint of yellow-green color. Light floral and rose aromas. Ripe tropical fruit and rose petal taste that begins light and ends very strong. A fairly long finish with just a tad of bitterness at the very end. Very nice dry (no sugar taste at all) Gewurztraminer, unusual very flavorful taste and VERY easy drinking. EXCELLENT drinking alone and outstanding with the curry. In the end it was a MEMORABLE wine with a curry dinner.

    She said: The very first sniff swirled with floral scents and a hint of alcohol but by the third or fourth sniff the floral scents were gone (alcohol too). The scene shifted to the palate where melon and rose flavors emerged and the dryness came into its own. Very unusual Gewurztraminer, I waffle back and forth on how much I like it. I love the aroma but am disappointed that it fades so quickly; I love the flavors and the dryness but not the tartness in the finish. My dilemma is somewhat solved when eating my hot spicy chicken dinner; no question, the wine was delicious.

    Comments: This wine was purchased on board the Queen Mary 2 at restaurant prices. Unless we feel strongly about the price we will direct our comments at the quality of the wine recognizing that it should be possible to purchase it for (two or three times) less at a wine store.

Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: 7 804449 002525

Imported by: Barwell & Jones; United Kingdom.