Bodegas Quitapenas Junkito Pale Cream Cosecha Malaga 2012

Recommendation: Not recommended.

Winery/Producer: Junkito

Grape Variety: Local white

Geographic Region, Appellation: Malaga, Spain.

Vintage: 2012

Price: $15

Purchased From: Local store in Malaga

Paired With: Sipping after dinner.


    He said: Crystal clear, oat straw color. Delicate over ripe apple aroma. Very creamy mouth feel. Sticky sweet, gentle raisin and over ripe apple taste and a medium-long finish that ends with just a tad of acidity. A tiny bit of oxidation, velvety smooth and easy drinking. Unusual, but at $15 (in Malaga) I don’t think I would buy it again.

    She said: The slight sherry taste of this wine endears it to me as I love sherry. The wine lacks an aroma and is sweet but smooth and very pleasant sipping alone or with nuts and seeds. At $15 it is not a bargain but it’s pleasant, unique and worth trying.

    Comments: We both liked the white Malaga wine better than the red, but at this price point there are many other choices that are better. In addition, because it’s not food-friendly it has a limited appeal.

Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: NA

Imported by: NA