Childress Vinyards Syrah 2009

Recommendation: Not recommended.

Winery/Producer: Childress Winery; Lexington, North Carolina

Grape Variety: Syrah

Geographic Origin: North Carolina

Vintage: 2009

Price: $19.99

Purchased From: Childress Winery; Lexington, North Carolina

Pared With: 1st tasting – Garden salad with romaine, cabbage, tomato. 2nd tasting – Grilled chicken, rice pilaf and sweet potato salad.


    He said: 1st tasting – Dark ruby red color. Barnyard and alcohol bouquet. Abundant dark fruit and barnyard taste and medium-length dry finish. The rich/dry fruit finish is nice, but the prominent barnyard taste (and smell) is a turn-off. Lots of tannins and acid that are pretty well balanced with the fruit. In the end this is better than most North Carolina red wines, but at $19.99 I would not recommend it; maybe the second bottle will be better with BBQ chicken, we’ll see…

    2nd tasting – With this paring it appeared a little more acid. With cheese it was smooth and prety good. However, after two bottles at $19.99 it’s still not a recommended buy.

    She said: 1st tasting – Non distinct bouquet leading to an earthy flavor with medium body. Dry pleasant acidity and nice tannins lasting into the medium-long finish. Good Syrah, but too expensive to recommend as a bargain wine

    2nd tasting – With a mild dinner like this one the wine stood out in a positive way with its gentle bouquet and light fruity flavor. Medium bodied, dry and somewhat acidic, it was a pleasant complement to the grilled chicken cooked with a light marinade of mustard, soy sauce, and catsup. Delicious with a slice of sharp cheddar and unimproved by dark chocolate. Very tasty and enjoyable wine, but to expensive for a recommendation as a bargain.