George Duboeuf dom Jean-Ernest Descombes Morgon 2009

Recommendation: Recommended as a buy.

Winery/Producer: George Duboeur; Romaneche-Thorins, France.

Grape Variety: Gamay.

Geographic Origin: Beaujolais, Morgon.

Vintage: 2009.

Price: $16.20

Purchased From: Total Wine; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Sipping wine, no food


    He said: Crystal clear, purple/red color. Lush raspberry bouquet. Very rich and juicy raspberry fruit taste that is absolutely intoxicating and a long dry earthy finish. The layers of fruit (raspberry, cherry and blackberry) and the strong finish are OUTSTANDING. A great balance of strong fruit, tannins and acid. We have had 8 or 10 bottles of this vintage and it’s always great…I love it!!! And, although it may not be considered a bargain it is well worth the price.

    She said: Yummy wine with full berry bouquet and flavor. Full body moderate acidity and tannins that last into the finish. This is a delicious wine and if you’re into spending the $16.20 for a bottle of wine it’s a real treat.