Salice Salentino Vecchia Torre 2010 (2nd Tasting)

Recommendation: Quality wine at a bargain price.

    He said: Wet leather in the bouquet. Intense and smooth blackberry and dark fruit taste and a long delicious flavorful finish. We really missed the boat on this wine….it wasn’t on the Best Wines of 2013 list, and should have been. We bought a case of this wine but it was pushed to the back of the closet (our wine cellar). But every time we have a bottle we comment how VERY good it is with tomato sauce. At $9.00 (with the 10% case discount) I would say it has to be on the Best Wines of 2013 list and is right up there near the Best Value Wine of 2013. If you can find this wine buy everything that’s available…you will not be disappointed.

    She said: We have returned to this wine many times and are always impressed by how good it is especially for the price. This should be on the list of Best Wines of 2013. Yeah we goofed, every bottle we open is really OUTSTANDING!.

    Comments: We have added this to the list of the Best Wines of 2013. See Salice Salentino Vecchia Torre 2010 for the 1st tasting.