Comparison Tasting: Terres Dorees, L’Ancien Vielles Vignes 2012 & Terres Dorees, Cote De Brouilly 2012

Recommendation: Outstanding Beaujolais for the price.

Winery/Producer: Jean-Paul Brun; Terres Dorees, France.

Grape Variety: Gamay.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Beaujolais, France.

Vintage: 2012

Price: L’Ancien: $13.50 and Cote De Brouilly: $20.90 (both with a 5% discount)

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Store; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Paired With: Grilled chicken, pasta with olive oil, garlic and Parmesan cheese and Greek salad


    He said: Opened 30 minutes before drinking. Crystal clear ruby red color. Both had light red fruit aromas. Both had a smooth, ripe current and cherry fruit and a chalky mineral taste that ended with a medium-length finish. I would describe both as light, fruity and delicious. The Cote De Brouilly has silky smooth tannins, a tad more spice and distinct layers of fruit and mineral in taste. In the end I think both were GREAT Beaujolais and enthusiastically recommend them; however the L’Ancien as an OUTSTANDING BARGAIN wine that could become our “house” Beaujolais!!!

    She said: Tonight was a comparison of two different Beaujolais. They differed in price but much less in quality. First, second and third taste made no difference. The Cote De Brouilly was slightly smoother but they were so similar in regard to bouquet, taste, dryness and finish I could not distinguish them in a blind tasting. Because there was a big price difference I would question if one was worth the difference in price? Not for me. I liked them both, but would say the L’Ancien is a bargain Beaujolais


Alcohol: L’Ancien: 12%; Cote De Brouilly: 12.5%