La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rouge 2011

Recommendation: OUTSTANDING wine, chilled or not…but we give a STRONG recommendation to try it chilled on a hot summer evening.

Winery/Producer: Michael and Louis Bronzo; Le Castellet, France.

Grape Variety: 72% Mourvèdre, 20% Grenache, 6% Cinsault, 1% Syrah, 1% Carignan.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Bandol; Provence, France.

Vintage: 2011

Price: $23.40 with a 10$ mixed case discount.

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Assorted Murray’s aged hard cheeses


    He said: Opened 15-minutes before drinking BUT CHILLED BEFORE OPENING. Clear, inky dark garnet color with a light purple rim. The same smoky, damp underground mine air and ripe plum bouquet; dry, mouth filling and succulent blackberry taste and long, dry finish that was loaded with mineral and earthy flavors we wrote about when we had this wine at room temperature (see our March 28, 2016 review of the La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rouge 2012. The difference was we were drinking it chilled this time.

    The June 3, 2016 Kermit Lynch Newsletter begins with the headline: “This Summer, Drink Your Bandol Rouge Like the Locals (and Kermit)”…then goes on to say that it’s hot in Provence during the summer and the locals in Bandol like their red wine so much they chill it for warm-weather drinking. So, Kermit recommends chilling some Bandol Rouge and enjoy it during the hot weather…he even goes so far as adding an ice cube (heaven forbid) to your glass of Bandol Rouge. Well upon reading this I couldn’t resist giving it a try!!! We didn’t have a Kermit Lynch Bandol Rouge in the cellar, but I did find one imported by Weygandt Metzler, and immediately put it in the fridge. We paired it with some aged dry cheeses from Murray’s and I’ll have to say it was simply FANTASTIC chilled. The velvety mouth-feel was enhanced by the coolness and all the aroma and flavors were still clear and distinct. Bandol Rouge is pretty easy drinking at room temperature, but chilled on a warm evening on the patio it was gulpable and made for a memorable wine experience. In the end it is OUTSTANDING wine, chilled or not…but we give a STRONG recommendation to try it chilled on a hot summer evening. Vicky said this was so good she didn’t know why we drink anything else, and that really says it all!!!

    She said: Garnet red, opaque, with lots of well spaced, thin, steadily moving legs. When Ray decided to serve this Bandol Rouge chilled I was skeptical and even after I took my first taste I remained so, but by the third taste I have to admit that I really like it. True, it may be more aromatic and flavorful at room temperature, but it was delicious chilled. The aroma and taste were full of dark berry. The medium body was complemented by a dry, balanced mouth-feel and supple tannins. The finish was long and continues the flavors and all of the delicious taste. One tiny sip of this wine is like a big taste of a lesser wine, it is just so rich. Chilling it is the perfect way to have it when the temperatures soar and beef, lamb, or hard cheeses are on the menu. Yum! Chilled or not this is wonderful wine and a great value at $23.40 (but, try it chilled).

    Domaine La Bastide Blanche vineyard
    Comments: Learn more about the Domaine La Bastide Blanche and their wines.

Alcohol: 15%

UPC Code: NA

Imported by: Weygandt Metzler; Unionville, Pennsyulvania.

Photo from La Bastide Blanche.