Miceli Iolanda Pinot Grigio 2011

Recommendation: Good depth and substance and a PERFECT lunch time wine sipping alone or paired with food.

Winery/Producer: Miceli; Arthurs Seat, Australia.

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Mornington Peninsula; Victoria, Australia.

Vintage: 2011

Price: $25.90 (AUS$) about $19.70 (US$) plus a $20 corking fee.

Purchased From: Australian Wine Centre; 1 Alfred Street; Sydney, Australia.

Paired With: (Lunch) Roasted butternut squash soup. Stilton and broccoli quiche with a gourmet green salad.


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Dark wheat straw color. Fresh, tropical fruit and forest floor aromas. Crisp, slightly tart fruit with LOTS of mineral taste that continues through the long finish. WOW a more traditional Pinot Grigio with mineral and just the right amount of acidity. Good depth and substance and a PERFECT lunch time wine sipping alone or paired with food. The best Pinot Grigio since we left home and had our favorite Elena Walch Pinto Grigio. The mineral gives a very special character to the wine and it gets two thumbs up from me. But, don’t have a sweet desert if you have wine left in the glass!!!

    She said: Clear with thin well spaced speedy legs. When the bottle was first opened the aroma filled the air before I reached for the glass. But the intensity subsided and a very pleasant almost floral scent with tropical fruits persisted. The dominant flavor was mineral but was softened by fruity tastes. Dry, with medium body the wine ended with a crisp finish. Very nice sipping wine but equally good with the butternut squash soup and lunch. Although not as crisp as many Italian pinot Grigio’s it was delicious from bouquet to finish. Very easy drinking and it would be a good accompaniment for many foods. The label mentioned cinnamon, honey, lemon and brown pear but I could not smell or taste any of them except the brown pear, probably because of the suggestion. That comment in no way diminishes my enjoyment of the wine. I liked it and would recommend it.

    Comments: Purchased from a Sidney, Australia wine shop and consumed in the Britannia Restaurant on board the Cunard Queen Mary 2.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Bar code: 9 338252 000051

Imported by: NA