Bidoli Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio 2012

Recommendation: Quality wine at a bargain price.

Winery/Producer: Margherita & Arrogo; Rive D’ Arcano, Italy.

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Friuli Grave, Venezia Giulia , Italy

Vintage: 2012

Price: $9.90

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Sipping


    He said: Served chilled. Clear, very light straw color. Light citrus aromas. Crisp lemon and green apple taste that carries through a finish with LOTS of mineral flavor. Super Italian friuli Pinot Grigo. I really like Italian Pinot Grigo and this one has it all…crisp but soft, fantastic fruit flavors and WOW mineral in the finish. I guess it’s pretty clear I really like this Pinot Grigo and at under $10 “it’s a steal of a deal”.

    She said: With its mild green apple bouquet and taste embedded with minerality, this wine soothes the palate with its medium body and crisp tasty finish. We drank this as a bedtime sipping wine with no food involved and it was delicious! I could picture us in the Piazza Navona where we have spent many hours drinking Pinot Grigo as we watched the world go by. The only difference is that this wine is a much better Pinot Grigo.

    Comments: See also, our comments from the Second Tasting of this wine.

Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: 662176123060