MenaRick Vineyard & Winery Syrah NV

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Winery/Producer: MenaRick Vineyard & Vineyard; Ronda, North Carolina

Grape Variety: Syrah

Geographic Region, Appellation: Yadkin Valley, North Carolina

Vintage: Non Vintage

Price: $17.10 (with 5% six bottle discount)

Purchased From: MenaRick Vineyard & Winery

Pared With: Chicken BBQ on bun, baked beans and coleslaw


    He said: Dry ruby red color. Red fruit aromas. Strong, dry, raspberry and current taste that goes into a medium-long very dry finish. WOW, this North Carolina Syrah is pretty good. Tannins that are well balanced with the acidity, nice fruit taste that goes on and on, and it’s a local North Carolina wine.

    We tasted this at the vineyard and liked it; but it was even better with the BBQ. The price point puts it in a range of very good Syrahs so it doesn’t get a recommended buy rating; but if you go to the vineyard with a picnic lunch we do recommend you get a bottle of this Syrah.

    She said: A North Carolina wine that isn’t sweet? This is one of them. It is nice and dry with peppery notes, subtle red fruit flavor, a medium body, high acidity and moderate tannins. It was good with the BBQ and baked beans. As a sipping wine I think of a zippy cheese would be a good accompaniment, but didn’t have any. Bittersweet dark chocolate was not a good pairing but a Godiva truffle was delicious. This is good wine but pricy. There are many good Shrahs for less money and in the bargain price range.

    Comments: See also our Wine Tasting at the MenaRick Vineyard and Winery.

Alcohol: 12%

Bar code: NA