Georges Vigouroux Atrium Malbec 2012

Recommendation: Recommended as an excellent buy.

Winery/Producer:Georges Vigouroux, France.

Grape Variety: Malbec.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Cahors, France (south and east of Bordeaux).

Vintage: 2012.

Price: $9.59 (with 20% off discount)

Purchased From: Total Wine; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Lentil soup flavored with cumin and lemon


    He said: Garnet red color with a light rim. Strong leather aromas with slight hints of ripe dark berries. Intense and spiced dark berry taste that goes into a medium-long dry leather finish. It’s fairly smooth, but has dramatic tasting changes…light bouquet; abrupt VERY strong dark berry taste; a dramatic switch to an unbelievable strong leather finish that contains very little berry taste. Maybe not the “standard” Argentina Malbec, but easy drinking and the very strong leather finish is scrumptious. It’s quite a unique French Malbec and at under $10 is an excellent buy.

    She said: First sniff is nothing to write home about but as you catch the aromas and taste the wine, a berry and leathery presence makes itself known. Neither the taste nor the bouquet is going to knock you over but it is there and lasts into the faint but long finish. With medium body and tannins the wine is pleasantly dry but not velvety as the “classic” Malbec suggests. The most impressive thing about the wine is that it went fairly well with our traditional lentil soup that we eat daily; not an easy task. This is a wine that needs to breath. It gets better over time as the leathery flavor develops and becomes more pronounced and delicious. Considering there are not many wines with such a fine leathery flavor at this price I recommend it.


Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: 648977024829