Travels of a Wine Blogger

queen maryOn January 3rd Vicky and I left New York City on a Round-the-World cruise and we will not be back in North Carolina until mid-May. However, we will still be drinking wine and reviewing what we drink every day. Because we only have computer time when we’re on land, we will accumulate our reviews and post them when we’re at a port city and can get our T-Mobile internet connection.

In addition, since so many people have asked us to send photos and keep them up-to-date on our adventures, I’m going to write a short paragraph and include it on a special page (Travels of a Wine Blogger). Although this sounds like non-wine comments, we do expect to find many unique restaurants and wine bars in port cities and will include interesting tidbits about them in these comments. And lastly, in December we reviewed numerous wines that have been scheduled for posting throughout our trip and wines we purchase on the ship will have the keyword Queen Mary 2.