Manuel Acha Red Vermouth NV

Recommendation: ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and a very special treat served as an aperitif.

Winery/Producer: Gabriel Acha; Amurrio, Spain.

Grape Variety: Fortified Wine blend.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Near the Cantabrian Sea in the Basque region of Spain.

Vintage: Non vintage.

Price: $16.20 with a 10% mixed case discount.

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: A slice of squeezed fresh orange in a glass of ice.


    He said: When someone says Vermouth most people think about something that is just used for mixing Martinis or adding to sweet Manhattans; but wait, Vermouth is a whole lot more!!! Vermouth is a fortified wine made from a blend of grape wine and alcohol macerated with a selection of natural flavors including herbs, fruits and roots. We hadn’t had Vermouth for a very long time so when it was served as an aperitif at a recent Caviste Wine Shop dinner it was a real “show-stopper” and we liked it so much we bought several bottles at the dinner. We served it in a Manhattan glass filled with ice and add a orange slice to each glass but there are all kinds of possibilities including adding bitters or a shot of gin. The aroma is a mix of wood, spices and candied fruit. Then as the liquid flows over the palate it’s cool and smooth with a combination of orange, cherry and spicy herbs that’s both sweet and bitter, then ends with an explosion of citrus flavor. We have commented many times that were not fond of sweet drinks, but this had a velvety smooth texture while being intimately intertwined with a lingering bitterness. It’s ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and a very special treat served as an aperitif.

    She said: Give me a slice of orange, ice cubes and this vermouth and I am likely to think that I have died and going to heaven. As a former martini and old-fashioned
    drinker I am not unfamiliar with Vermouth, but I have not drank it on its own until now. All I can say is delicious! If you have not tried red Vermouth with an orange slice you have really missed out on a wonderful experience. It was delicious with popcorn, but also with a variety of appetizers…including fried chicken skin that we had with it at the wine dinner. Try this Vermouth, you won’t be sorry, it is a unique wine experience.

    Photo of the Acha Distilleries Factory in 1910
    Comments: Learn more about Gabriel Acha and his wines.

Alcohol: 15%

UPC Code: 6 64841 02111 4

Imported by: De Maison Selections; Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Photo from Acha Distilleries.