Paullinshof Urstuck Riesling Trocken 2013

Recommendation: Unusual and delicious Riesling

Winery/Producer: Wieingut Paullinshof.

Grape Variety: Riesling.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Germany.

Vintage: 2013

Price: $57.50

Purchased From: The Britannia Restaurant, on board the Queen Mary 2.

Paired With: Roast rack of pork with spiced apple puree, savoy cabbage, mushroom ragout with tomato a la grette and cocotte potatoes.


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Clear, very very pale lemon color. VERY fragrant, lots of floral and ripe fruit. Dry and tart, yet there was a tad of sweetness in the taste. Strong, flavorful finish that has a crisp mouth taste and lots of acidity and tartness that comes out at the end. Good with the pork but excellent drinking alone. Nice, but not your ordinary dry Riesling.

    She said: Pleasant refreshing fruity aroma led to a taste that had a tad of sweetness at first but ended with a tartness and acidity that kept it from tasting like soda pop as many Riesling’s seem to do for me. As I started the dinner I found that I liked the wine better alone than with the pork or vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, it was good with the dinner but stood well on its own too.

    Comments: The sweet apple puree was not good with the wine and we didn’t eat it!!!

Alcohol: 12%

Bar code: 4 00305 032016

Imported by: NA