Le Damine Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2008

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Winery/Producer:VR-C.G.M SpA; Verona, Italy

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio

Geographic Origin: Delle Venezie

Vintage: 2008

Price: $12.99

Purchased From: Total Wine; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Medium hot curry, brown rice, green beans


    He said: Yellow color. Very light alcohol bouquet. VERY DISAPPOINTING Pinot Grigio, it was clearly VERY oxidized and was like drinking cheap cooking sherry.

    She said: Golden Yellow color. Very light bouquet and medium body. The finish is long but has hints of sherry and sometimes fermenting apples. Although the cork was good this bottle was probably going bad. It was purchased recently with a good rating but was definitely not what we thought we paid for.