Wilson Creek Almond Champagne NV

Recommendation: Recommend as a buy

Winery/Producer: Wilson Creek Champagne Cellars; Woodbridge, California

Grape Variety: Unknown

Geographic Origin: Temecula Valley, California

Vintage: Unknown

Price: $8.99

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Paired With: Nothing


    He said: We’re not champagne drinkers; however, this is pretty good. It’s sweet almond taste is refreshing and makes for an unusual champagne toast. We’ve had it many times and I always look forward to the almond flavor.

    She said: A real treat for champagne drinkers even those who recoil form the idea of almond in their drink. The almond flavor is a delicious treat from the first sniff to the tasty finish. Medium sweet with medium body it’s a delightful champagne.

    Comments: Several years ago we were with another couple wine tasting in the Temecula Valley. While at the Wilson Creek Winery for lunch our friend tasted the almond champagne and said I really should taste it. It was clearly not on my tasting list since the very thought of “flavored” champagne was a turn-off. After reluctantly taking a taste I was hooked and since then look forward to it when drinking champagne. Taste can be a very personal thing, but I’d recommend giving it a try…it’s unusual and a real sleeper.

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