Tierra Del Sol Estate Carmenere 2012 (2nd Tasting)

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Winery/Producer:Bodegas y Vinedos De Aguirre; Santiago, Chile.

Grape Variety: Carmènère.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Maule Valley; Chile.

Vintage: 2012.

Price: $9.00

Purchased From: Village Tavern; Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Wine tasting dinner)

Paired With: Lentil soup, cucumber and tomato salad flavored with basil dressing.
2nd Tasting: Parmesan chicken, pasta with olive oil, garlic and Parmesan cheese, and garden salad with artisan pear olive oil and vinegar.


    He said: Clear deep ruby red color. Fairly strong red fruit aromas. Soft cherry and red fruit taste that goes right through a fairly blah, short-length finish. I would classify this as “not bad”…which pretty much means it has NOTHING that stands out. It’s best characteristic is the gentle tannins. And even at $9.00 I would not recommend it. If I had to sum it up I would say it’s an OK cheap red wine…and I’m being kind!!!

    She said: How do you describe a one dimensional wine? There is little aroma or flavor but it is fairly smooth and dry. Without much body, it also lacked a good finish. Nothing bad about it but nothing to recommend it. It was dreadful with the soup and much better with the salad. Worse with chocolate. If you need an inexpensive wine that will not offend a big crowd this is one to consider.

    Comments: We had this wine three months later and without knowing we had it before, we wrote it up again…here’s what we thought the second time we tasted this wine…it’s eerie how the same thoughts came to mind!!! Our first tasting was on August 6, 2014.

      He said: Opened one hour before drinking. Clear, dark violet color. Fruit and hints of damp earth aromas. Quite smooth, strong fruit taste that ends in a short finish with the same fruit taste and just a tad of tartness. Good pairing with the dinner, but just a “not bad” wine at $9.00. Would I buy it again…no. Would I drink it again with this dinner…yes. Vicky summed it up perfectly…”an OK one dimensional wine for only $9.00″.

      She Said: Four stars for the aroma and the initial impact on the palate, but very one dimensional with no nuances of flavor. The wine went well with the dinner but afterward as a sipping wine appeared a bit harsh and light bodied. The finish was brief and uneventful throughout. At $9.00 it was a decent wine but nothing to look forward to again.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Bar code:8 17870 01055 4

Imported by: Ecovalley, Salisbury, North Carolina

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