Shannon Ridge Lake County High Elevation Collection Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Recommendation: A good inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc.

Winery/Producer: Produced and bottled by Shannon Ridge Winery, Kelseyville, California

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Geographic Region, Appellation: Lake County, Califronia

Vintage: 2011

Price: $6.99

Purchased From: Total Wine; Northridge, California

Paired With: Swai baked with mustard sauce, spicy fried cabbage and baked potato


    He said: Served chilled. Very light wheat straw color. Light citrus and hints of tropical fruit aromas. Creamy lemon taste. Medium-length tart finish. For me this was clearly what I call “not bad”…it’s a wine that has some Sauvignon Blanc characteristics, no terrible faults, but also no special traits that put it into the good wine category. I don’t like the heavy creaminess and I missed the crispness I expected in a Sauvignon Blanc. Would I recommend it and buy it again…yes at $6.99 I’s say it was a good buy.

    She said: I did not expect much from this bottle that was bought a year ago for $6.99. I bought it for a guest that liked sweet wines but never found out if she liked it or not because we drank it! It seemed mellow more than sweet, starting with its faint but pleasant bouquet and continuing into its full bodied flavor. The finish was disappointing with a tad of bitterness. Not bad for $7.00 and I recommend it as a bargain wine


Alcohol: 13.8%

Bar code: 857680001007