Domaine Ricard Touraine Le Petiot 2012 and 2017

Recommendation: First Tasting: Good Loire Sauvignon Blanc that’s an EXCELLENT value.
Second Tasting: It’s a STELLAR value wine!!!

Winery/Producer: Vincent Ricard; Domaine Ricard; Thesee, France.

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc.

Vincent Ricard
Photo: Wines Direct
Geographic Region, Appellation: Touraine Loire Valley, France.

Vintage: First Tasting: 2012; Second Tasting: 2017

Price: First Tasting: $12.60; Second Tasting: $13.50 (with a 10% mixed case discount).

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: First Tasting: Greek chicken and mixed garden salad.
Second Tasting: Roasted tomato soup and ham & Swiss cheese braided Stromboli.


    First Tasting:
    He said: Chilled before opening. Clear, light lemon color with a bit of green. Slightly aromatic with citrus and gooseberry aromas and hints of floral. Fairly strong fresh gooseberry and lemon taste that continues through the lively finish that’s crisp and with just a touch of mineral. Easy drinking, dry, characteristic Sauvignon Blanc taste and a very refreshing finish. It got better with each sip and gets high marks from me. Good Loire Sauvignon Blanc that’s an EXCELLENT value.

    She said: Clear with irregularly spaced moderately thick legs that moved steadily downward. The first sniff was so light I couldn’t appreciate it, but it emerged later as the wine warmed. The initial taste was a pungent citrus and gooseberry, but mellowed to very pleasant flavors and a long finish. It was dry with medium body and enough acidity to be refreshing. Good balance with the lemony chicken, a bit less so with the salad because of the tartness of the kale. Better as a sipping wine and a bargain any way you drink it.

    Second Tasting:
    Our comments from the 2012 vintage still hold true for the 2017 vintage…But, the 2017 vintage seemed more flavorful and the finish more spectacular…with one exception…there was less gooseberry aroma and taste. The mouthfeel was very smooth, the flavors went on and on and every taste was alive with savoriness. The scents in the bouquet flowed seamlessly into the tasted flavors and stayed strong all the way through the aftertaste. In addition, even though the 2017 vintage purchase price was 90 cents more it’s still an OUTSTANDING bargain Sauvignon Blanc. We liked it the first time we had it, we LOVED it when we had the second tasting of a newer vintage…it’s a STELLAR value wine!!!

Domaine Ricard vineyard in the Loire Valley
Photo from Domaine Ricard.
Comments: Learn more about Domaine Ricard and their wines.

Alcohol: Both Tastings: 12.5%

Bar code: Both Tastings: 3 760137 440106

Imported by: Charles Neal Selections; Richmond, California.