Domaine Pascal Bellier Cheverny 2010

Recommendation: An excellent buy.

Winery/Producer: Domaine Pascal Bellier Cheverny, France.

Grape Variety: 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Chardonnay.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Cheverny; Loire V alley, France.

Vintage: 2010

Price: $15.30 (with a 10% case discount)

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Paired With: Salad consisting of spinach, mushrooms, ham and red onion with oil and wine vinegar dressing.


    He said:Served chilled. Crystal clear, pale oat straw color with a tinge of green. Light, fresh citrus aromas. Quite intense crisp green apple and citrus taste and a long tart fruit finish. It was simply GREAT with the salad. Complementary tastes, fresh flavors, a richness that lingers on the tongue and just the right amount of acidity to make the salad/wine combination lively…I loved it with this salad!!! This is the second time we have had this wine with a spinach salad and this time I would simply describe it as an OUTSTANDING combination!!! At $15.30 I would say it was an excellent buy.

    She said: I always fear wine paings with salad because of the vinegar component on the dressing but this wine did very well. The wine vinegar was subtle but the onion flavor was not yet the wine held up well. The ham was one of those honey baked ones and no doubt soften the effect of the vinegar. the over all combination was delicious with the crispness and dryness of the wine kicking in. With a light to medium body, high acidity, and medium long finish this wine was better with the salad than sipping alone and I would buy it again.


Alcohol: 12.5%

Bar code: NA