Ryujin Kakushi Ginjo, Namazume Genshu, “Dragon God” Sake 2016

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A prestigious and delicious Sake.

Producer/Winery: Ryujin Shuzo, Gunma, Japan.

Grape Variety: Rice.

Geographic Appellation: Japan.

Vintage: NV

Price: $22.50 (with a 10% mixed case discount)

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Madeira Honey cake.


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Clear, pale silver color. OUTSTANDING yeasty, floral and lime aromas. SMOOTH, SMOOTH, SMOOTH full/medium bodied, banana, honey and lemon flavors and a long lively fresh cooked rice flavored finish. Believe-it-or-not this paired wonderfully with the Madeira honey cake, but really didn’t need anything…sipping it was Divine. The suave high-spirited taste took our wine drinking experience to a whole new level. A prestigious and delicious Sake.

    She said: Clear, very light yellow color. I certainly don’t think of Madeira and Sake together, but this pairing of Sake and the traditional cake from Madeira was dynamic and a top-notch pairing. Perhaps it was the offbeat nature of the honey cake that matched the flavors of the Sake, but it was a delightful pairing. The Sake had an indescribably good aroma that blossomed into a honey and fruit flavored taste with all sorts of other flavors entering into the mix. Unfortunately the cake had become a bit dry with this one day layover, but the Sake compensated for that and pulled through to a top-notch pairing. A wonderful Sake and a great buy at $22.

A Sake brewery in Japan

Alcohol Content: 16-17%

UPC Code: 0 72546 01398 1

Imported by: New York Mutual Trading Inc.; Secaucus, New Jersey.

Photo from Shun Gate.