Hogue Riesling 2011

Recommendation:Not recommended

Winery/Producer: The Hogue Cellars; Prosser, Washington

Grape Variety: Riesling

Geographic Origin: Columbia Valley, Washington

Vintage: 2011

Price: $6.99

Purchased From: Ralphs Grocery Store, Encino, California

Paired With: Chicken Tikki Masala, white rice; with coconut, banana, apple slices, raisins and yogurt


    He said: Clear light yellow color. Sweet floral bouquet, heavy sweet taste that continues into a medium finish. Not crisp or light and the heavy sweetness is almost overwhelming.

    She said: Slight fruity bouquet; heavy body with overwhelmingly sweet taste and fairly long sweet finish. If there was a flavor, the sweetness covered it up. This might have been good with chicken tikki masala if the sweet condiments had not accompanied the dinner. The wine plus the sweetness of the condiments was perhaps a poor pairing (and my poor choice).