Seven Hills Pinot Gris 2011 (2nd Tasting)

Recommendation: Not recommended.

Winery/Producer: Seven Hills Winery; Walla Walla, Washington.

Grape Variety: Pinot Gris.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Oregon.

Vintage: 2011

Price: $16.19

Purchased From: Wine Merchant; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Paired With: Sipping with artichokes.


    He said: Chilled before opening. Almost clear, with just a splash of light yellow/green. Damp earth and pear aromas. Crisp, citrus fruit and quite acidic taste. The finish was dry, smooth and with subtle citrus flavors, but nice mineral that ends bitter. We had this at a wine tasting and liked it enough to buy a bottle, but I’ll have to say it’s disappointing. This is one of those wines I would classify as “not bad” but at $16.19 I can’t recommend it.

    She said: I am very fond of artichokes and love to have white wine as I dine on one. I have been known to sip cheap box wine with them in the the past so when Ray chose a wine just for artichokes I jumped at the chance. Naturally it was many times better than my former experiences but that has more to do with the wine itself than the pairing. This wine was crisp, acidic and reasonably smooth until the finish when it turned bitter. It didn’t really go well with the artichoke and I would like to look further for this pairing. At $17 it seemed over priced because of its somewhat one dimensional character with or with out the artichoke.

    Comments: We previously had this Seven Hills Pinot Gris and recommended it; however the second tasting resulted in a Not Recommended so we did this second review.

Alcohol: 12.3%

Bar code: 7 31564 00017 4

Imported by: NA