Josef Chromy Pinot Grigio 2013

Recommendation: Smooth, delicious white wine; but, not anything like a traditional Pinot Grigio.

Winery/Producer: Josef Chromy Wines; Relbia Launceston, Tasmania.

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Tasmania.

Vintage: 2013.

Price: $23.90 (AUS) about $19.60 (US) plus a $20 corking charge.

Purchased From: Australian Wine Centre; 1 Alfred Street; Sydney, Australia.

Paired With: Garden green salad with garlic dressing. Steamed mussels in a saffron curry sauce served with garlic bread.


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Sparkling crystal clear, light golden/green color. Very ripe melon with hints of floral and ripe pear aromas. SMOOTH (in bold caps), slightly creamy, tropical fruit, ripe keiffer pear and slight citrus taste. A medium-long, very slightly crisp finish. VERY interesting Pinot Grigio; but it’s hard to believe that’s the only grape in the bottle…I would say there’s a lot more Gewurztraminer than Pinto Grigio!!! It completely lacks the expected crispness one expects in a Pinot Grigio, and the silkiness is quite atypical. Even though the label says Pinot Grigio and it does not taste like a Pinot Grigio, my reaction is still not all negative because it’s so delicious and easy drinking. This was our first Tanzanian wine and maybe their labeling standards are different from what we’re accustomed. I might still buy it again but knowing it’s not traditional Pinot Grigio clearly would not pair it with mussels as we did here.

    She said: Clear, light yellow and with very slow legs (12.5% alcohol).
    The wine had a mild bouquet with floral hints. The floral disappeared in the mouth but was slowly replaced by the subtle taste of ripe tropical fruits as the wine passed over the palate. It was slightly creamy, very smooth, and had a tasty finish ending on a devious sweet note. The mussels were plump, sweet, and had a definite saltwater taste which was not complemented by the wine. The garlic bread however, was great with the wine, but I avoided drinking the wine with the salad. This is an unusual Pinot Grigio and I would buy it again but pair it with something else or sip it alone. The silky smoothness is outstanding and makes up for the mild aroma and lack of crisp taste.

    Comments: Maybe the positive feeling about this wine was because we sat at a window table looking out on a magnificent mountain covered with lush green vegetation that included large tree ferns covering the lower slopes…a priceless setting for a delicious lunch in Picton, New Zealand

Alcohol: 12.5%

Bar code: NA

Imported by: NA