Cielo Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 2013

Recommendation: Not recommended

Winery/Producer: Cielo; Montorso Vicentino, Italy

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio

Geographic Region, Appellation: Delle Venezie

Vintage: 2013

Price: $6.39 (with a 20% discount)

Purchased From: Total Wine; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Paired With: Grilled salmon, baked potato and broccoli


    He said: Served chilled. Totally clear, no color. Light citrus aromas. Mouth puckering citrus (lime and grapefruit) and stainless steel taste that ends in a medium-length tart taste. At $6.39 this is a rock bottom price; but even at this price it’s a pretty poor Pinot Grigio (and at that price it doesn’t have to be great to be recommended). It can only be described as disappointing.

    She said:


Alcohol: 12%