Venica Collio Pinot Bianco 2009

Recommendation: Recommended as a buy.

Winery/Producer: Venica & Venica; Friuli, Italy.

Grape Variety: Pinot Bianco.

Geographic Origin: Collio; Friuli, Italy.

Vintage: 2009.

Price: $17.10

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Tortellini pasta with onion, garlic, squash and basal pesto sauce


    He said: Clear dark straw color. Strong ripe apple and pear bouquet. Creamy rich apple taste and a finish that carries through with hints of tartness. VERY refreshing and a crispness that really gives life to the wine. At $17 this may seem expensive but I believe this is the best Pinot Bianco I’ve ever had!!! We have had this dinner many times before; but, it was “perfect” with this wine. It doesn’t fit our “Bargain” category because it’s more than $15, but it’s an OUTSTANDING value. The importer is Country Vintner in Oilville, Virginia so if you can find it in your local store your in for a real treat.

    She said: Do you like creamy, smooth, tasty wine? If the answer is yes you must try this one. “Unbelievable” is the first adjective that springs to my mind. It was delicious with the pesto sauce pasta but even better sipping afterward. It’s dark straw color is a foreshadowing of the delicious multi-layered experience that the wine offers. Medium dry and medium bodied with a multi-flavored bouquet and long finish. This is a good buy at $17.00. One of the best Italian whites I’ve have ever had.

    Comments: We discovered this wine at one of Russ Anderson’s wine tastings at his shop, The Caviste. We really liked it at the tasting, but it was even better with the pesto pasta.

    Note: We chilled this bottle to the 50o F. as recommended on the bottle; however, it was MUCH better at the end of the meal when it was just about room temperature. We will not chill the second bottle.

Bar Code: 609750100123