Arcese Bera Vittorio E Figli 2010

Recommendation:Not Recommended


Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Geographic Origin: Piedmont, Italy

Vintage: 2010

Price: $11.20 (From the 20% off bin)

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pared With: Sardine and cabbage salad with dill and lemon juice sour cream dressing.


    He said: Light yellow color. Granny Smith apple and pear aromas. Strong, crisp, slightly tart apple taste with caramel in the medium-length finish. A VERY unique wine…just a hint of carbonation, vibrant acidity and tart flavors. This went very, very well with the sardine salad; however it is definitely not your every-day white wine. We really liked it, but it’s hard to recommend because it’s so different.

    She said: Pairing a wine with a salad is not anything we do very often but tonight, for a guest we had a special dinner that included this fish adorned salad. The wine was more unique than the salad and went VERY well with it. The bouquet is mild but the apple flavor is not. It floods the mouth and delights the palette. With a medium body, high acidity and medium-long finish this was a real treat and it is a good unusual bargain wine.

    Comments: We recommend this wine only if your adventurous and looking for an unusual wine to start a meal.

Bar code: NA