Picpoul De Pinet Domaine La Viste 2013

Recommendation: Very nice refreshing white wine that was an excellent buy on the ship.

Winery/Producer: Mis En Bouteilli A La Propriete.

Grape Variety: Picpoul De Pinet.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Picpoul De Pinet, France

Vintage: 2013

Price: $40.25

Purchased From: The Britannia Restaurant, on board the Queen Mary 2.

Paired With: Cream of Parsnip soup; Glazed Salmon with an orange and basil relish (lunch).


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Oat straw color. Floral, citrus and fresh cut grass aromas. CRISP, fruity taste that continues through a medium long finish that ends with just a tiny hint of bitterness. This was an easy drinking white wine that went well with the salmon lunch and would be excellent for afternoon sipping. The refreshing crispness was just OUTSTANDING. The fresh crispness is like Pinot Grigio and the flavors are like Chardonnay. DELICIOUS and it gets two thumbs up from me. An inexpensive (on the ship) wine that’s perfect for almost any lunch or afternoon sipping.

    She said: Although not a Pinot Grigio grape it tasted a lot like one of the better ones we often drink. The crisp fruit and citrus taste follows a citrus bouquet with floral hints. This is an easy drinking wine with a medium body and long tasty finish. As much as I like this wine I think a slightly creamy chardonnay would have been better with the salmon but I am not complaining. I would drink this wine at any meal any time. It was delicious and a five star winner!!!

    Comments: This wine was purchased on board the Queen Mary 2 at restaurant prices. Unless we feel strongly about the price we will direct our comments at the quality of the wine recognizing that it should be possible to purchase it for (two or three times) less at a wine store.

Alcohol: 13%

Bar code: NA

Imported by: NA