El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Bottled in 2016

Recommendation: It’s VERY SPECIAL and simply an OUTSTANDING Sherry.

Winery/Producer: El Maestro Sierra; Spain.

Grape Variety: Pedro Ximenez

Geographic Region, Appellation: Jerez, Spain.

Vintage: Aged 15 years, bottled 01/2016

Price: $15.30 (375 ML bottle)

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Turkey soup with cabbage, tomatoes, onion, rice, corn and carrots; corn bread and Murray’s Gouda cheese as sides.


    He said: Opened 5-minutes before drinking. Clear with just a tad of cloudiness; brownish amber color with the same color rim. Quite strong raisin and prune aroma. VERY RICH mouth-feel; smooth, sweet raisin, caramel and fig taste, that carries all the way through the very long sweet finish. Triple WOW…perfect pairing with the Gouda cheese and good with the soup, but delicious drinking alone after the soup too. The combination of sweetness and delicate acidity makes for a fresh lightness that’s out-of-this-world!!! Years ago we used to sip dry sherry before dinner, but this is a whole different drinking experience. Two thumbs up from me. It’s VERY SPECIAL and simply an OUTSTANDING Sherry.

    She said: Dark reddish brown almost opaque with slow-moving pudgy irregularly regularly spaced legs. I love sherry and have been sipping it over many years so
    when Ray suggested sherry for dinner I was delighted, but insisted on having our household brand sherry alongside for a test. WOW…what a difference! The house brand is dry while this is sweet, and in the past I didn’t think I like sweet sherry. I was wrong this sherry is fabulous and was delicious with both the soup and the cheese. It had mild dry fruit aroma that led to an explosion of sweet fruitiness in my mouth. Sweet and tasty and had an medium long sweet finish with echoes of prune flavors. The sweetness with the cheese was to die for! It’s a buy again wine, but remember the $15.30 only gets you a half bottle!

    Maestro Sierra cellar
    Comments: Learn more about El Maestro Sierra.

Alcohol: 15%

UPC Code: 6 64841 01007

Imported by: De Maison Selections; Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Photo from SpainInfo.