Rajat Parr Wine Club Palomino Fino Scythians 2019

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A unique wine with its very personalized character.

Producer/Winery: Sandhi Vintners; Lompoc, California.

Grape Variety: Palomino.

Geographic Appellation,, Region, Country: Madera County; Central Valley, California.

Vintage: 2019

Price: $28 (with a club discount)

Purchased From: Rajat Parr Wine Club; Lompoc, California.

Paired With: Salmon, pasta and peas in a wine sauce with Parmesan cheese.


    Chilled before drinking. Slightly cloudy, wheat straw color. Whiffs of funky wet basement and slight yeasty aromas were distracting and prevailed all the way through the last pour. Smooth, zesty, bone dry and a tiny effervescent mouthfeel, medium body and a 100-grit texture. Tart lemon, apple, almond and yeasty flavors. Fresh, but only medium acidity at best and an assertive bitter lemon and chopped almond tasting finish. An unusual wine. LOTS of flavor and a toothy mouthfeel. Good with the salmon and wine source, but it really was better sipping after the dinner. Probably not like any wine you have ever had before, but if your the least bit adventurous you should try this one. It’s a unique wine with its very personalized character. We love good sherry and the Palomino varietal yields just enough resemblance to tie their commonality together. Unfortunately we think this bottle was a little bit corked. We have a second bottle and will review it again if we find it doesn’t have the funky aroma.

Rajat Parr
Photo from Sandhi Wines.
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Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Closure: Uncovered 50mm Natural cork.

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