Grant La Garrocha Fino Sherry

Recommendation: EXCELLENT refreshing dry Sherry that’s a SUPER value.

Winery/Producer: Bodegas Grant; El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain.

Grape Variety: Palomino.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Jeerez – Xeres

Vintage: NV (aged 3-years)

Price: $12.60 (375 ML. bottle) with a 10% mixed case discount.

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Turkey soup with cabbage, tomatoes, onion, rice, corn and carrots; corn bread and Murray’s Gouda cheese as sides.


    He said: Opened at the time of drinking. Clear, light oat straw color. Typical briny Sherry aromas with hints of peach. Traditional dry sherry taste of very ripe apple and nuts that’s smooth and slightly creamy. A finish that just goes on and on with just a tad of bitterness. Good with the soup and sipping after the dinner. We had this first at a Caviste Wine dinner paired with smoked onion-potato-ramp torta and lardo-rye-pickled kohlrabi and it was GREAT. Way back in the year one we used to drink a glass of Sherry before dinner, this is MUCH better than I remember. It’s smoother, savory and better tasting…it’s just more refined and it takes drinking dry Sherry to a whole new level. EXCELLENT refreshing dry Sherry that’s a SUPER value.

    She said: Clear, light yellow color with lots of evenly spaced steadily moving legs. The moment I saw the color of the Sherry I knew we were in for a different experience then the same dinner and sweet El Maestro Sierra Pedro Ximenez Sherry. What a difference! They are totally different, the La Garrocha had a mild aroma, but lots of flavor and was dry and smooth with a long flavorful finish. It was delicious with both the soup and the cheese, but the sweet Sherry was better with both. This was a surprise for me since I don’t normally drink or like sweet Sherry. Of the two Sherry’s, sweet and dry, I prefer the dry as a sipping wine after dinner, but I recommend this one and would buy it again in a flash.

    Barrel aging in the Grant winery
    Comments: Learn more about Bodegas Grant.

Alcohol: 15%

UPC Code: 6 64841 01500 7

Imported by: De Maison Selections; Chapel Hill, North Caerolina.

Photo from Bodegas Grant.