Amphores Saint-Joseph Altitude 300 2017

Synopsis, Our Opinion: REALLY GOOD white wine that had substance and was a GREAT value. Producer/Winery: Domaine des Amphores, Chavanay, France. Grape Variety: Northern Rhone […]

Vieux Telegraphe le Pigeoulet 2017

Synopsis, Our Opinion: OUTSTANDING Southern Rhone white blend and an “all-time” great value. Producer/Winery: Frédéric & Daniel Brunier; Vieux Télégraphe; Bédarrides, France. Grape Variety: Blend […]

Valflaunes Pourquoi Pas Languedoc 2017

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A noteworthy fresh white wine that’s a FANTASTIC value. Producer/Winery: Fabien Reboul; Château de Valflaunès; Valflaunès, France. Grape Variety: Blend – 60% […]

Berthollier Exception Chignin-Bergeron 2013

Synopsis, Our Opinion: Unusual Roussanne that has excellent potential. Producer/Winery: Denis and Didier Berthollier; Chignin, France. Grape Variety: Roussanne (called Chignin Bergeron in Savoie). Geographic […]

Faury Saint-Joseph Blanc 2011

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A good Rhone white. Producer/Winery: Domaine Faury; Chavanay, France. Grape Variety: Rhone blend – 60% Marsanne and 40% Roussanne. Geographic Appellation, Region, […]

Texier, Cotes du Rhone Chat Fou 2014

Synopsis, Our Opinion: A PRIZE-WINNING stalwart Côtes du Rhône red blend that’s a FANTASTIC bargain. Producer/Winery: Eric Texier Domaine de Pergaud; Charnay, France. Grape Variety: […]