Bocelli Prosecco NV

Bocelli Prosecco
Recommendation: A grocery store Prosecco that so inexpensive you can’t go wrong buying it.

Winery/Producer: Bocelli Wine; Lajatico, Italy.

Grape Variety: Glera.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Prosecco; Veneto, Italy.

Vintage: NV

Price: $9.89 (with a 30% mixed 6-pack discount)

Purchased From: Ralphs Grocery Store; Agoura Hills, California.

Paired With: Sipping


    He said: Chilled before drinking. Clear, fine bubbles and almost colorless golden color. Very light peach aroma. Soft bubbly mouth-feel and caramel flavors that carry through a medium-length sweet finish. As smooth as Andrea Bocelli’s music, refreshing (in spite of its sweetness), flavorful, slightly creamy, and sweet enough to bring saltwater taffy to mind. In a nutshell it’s grocery store Prosecco that so inexpensive you can’t go wrong buying it.

    She said: Light lemon yellow, clear, full of tiny bubbles. The first sniff warned me that the wine would be sweet and it was; too sweet for my taste buds so I waffled back and forth while drinking it. The flavor was good but the sweetness dragged it down and I missed the lightness and freshness I associate with a good prosecco. I enjoyed the floral flavors and the long smooth finish but wished all the time that the wine was less sweet. An enjoyable prosecco at $10 but we have had considerably better ones at $12 so I think that the better ones are well worth the $2 higher price.

    Bocelli vineyard
    Comments: Learn more about the Bocelli family wines.

Alcohol: 12%

UPC Code: 8 93928 00283 2

Imported by: August Wine Group; Seattle, Washington.

Photo from Bocelli Family Wines.