Junius Lindsay Vineyard Syrah Reserve 2010

Recommendation: An OUTSTANDING North Carolina Syrah.

Winery/Producer: Junius Lindsay Vineyard; Lexington, North Carolina. Vinted & Bottled by Childress Winery, Lexington, North Carolina.

Grape Variety: Syrah.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Yadkin Valley, North Carolina.

Vintage: 2010

Price: $36.95

Purchased From: Junius Lindsay Vineyard tasting room in Lexington, North Carolina.

Paired With: Chicken and salad from the Le Vie en Rose Food Truck.


    He said: Opened and drank at the vineyard over the course of about two hours. Clear, brick red/purple color, with a lighter rim. Powerful dark fruit and damp earth aromas. Medium-weight body that had a distinct dryness to it; lots of plum. blackberry and current flavors with distinct notes of spicy anise and pepper. The long, well balanced finish had slightly edgy acidity and smooth integrated tannins. An after-taste provided an extended plummy tartness that went on and on. NICE North Carolina Syrah that had just enough “Old World” character to make it competitive with wines from the Rhône valley…VERY unusual for a North Carolina wine!!! When we bought the bottle, Michael Zimmerman, the vineyard owner, told us there were only three bottles left in the cellar, so for all practical purposes it’s no longer obtainable, and we’re glad we had the opportunity to taste it before it was gone. An OUTSTANDING North Carolina Syrah.

    Guitarist Colin Allured singing his songs in the vineyard tasting room
    We had this Syrah in the open-air tasting room at the Vineyard which is surrounded by grape vines and the picturesque rolling hills of the Yadkin valley. The great hospitality, ambiance and wines make for a memorable tasting experience…this time including a food truck serving delicious French food, and a very talented local musician. So in addition to their wines we also strongly recommend a vineyard tasting at Junius Lindsay.

    She said: Garnet red with a hint of brown, opaque and a few pokey legs. Mild dark fruit aroma and flavor with medium body. The mouth-feel was medium-weight, dry, smooth, and full of pleasant tannins that were neither grippy nor soft. The finish was long and continues the flavors as well as the tannins. Well balanced. Better alone than with salad. A very nice North Carolina Syrah.

    Grapes growing in the Junius Lindsay Vineyard in Lexington, North Carolina
    Comments: Learn more about the Junius Lindsay Vineyard and their wines.

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Alcohol: 13.4%

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