Grand Cru Syrah 2011

Recommendation: Recommend as a buy

Winery/Producer: Grand Cru Vineyards, Napa and Sonoma, California

Grape Variety: Syrah

Geographic Origin: California

Vintage: 2011

Price: $6.99

Purchased From: Wine Merchants Gourmet; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Barbecue chicken, parmesan oven fires and cabbage salad


    He said: Dark garnet red color. Light dark berry bouquet. Smooth berry taste and a medium length very dry and spicy finish. Not much flavor but lots of good tannins. At $6.99 I’ll have to say it’s good and give it a recommended buy…but, I would prefer to spend twice the price and get three times the quality!!!

    She said: Little or no bouquet followed by a mild alcohol/berry taste. Medium bodied and lots of texture but short on flavor. Dry with medium tannins and medium length finish with the dryness dominating. The dinner was so full of flavor that it may have drowned out the flavor of the wine. Even if this is the case this syrah is a good buy at $6.99