Donelan Walker Vine Hill Russian River Valley Syrah 2011

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

Winery/Producer: Donelan Family Wines; Santa Rosa, California.

Grape Variety: Syrah

Geographic Region: Appellation: Russian River Valley, California.

Vintage: 2011

Price: $45.00 (with a $9.00 discount)

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Store; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Grilled chicken, rice with BBQ sauce and green beans


    He said: Opened 30 minutes before drinking. Slightly opaque, dark ruby red color. Quite strong red cherry and plum aromas. Intense juicy red fruit taste that continues through a long dry, slightly tart finish that has just a tad of bitterness at the very end. Pretty good California Syrah and I like the well balanced acidity, but at this price it’s not as good as a comparable European Syrah. Very drinkable; but at this price point it’s not a wine I would buy again.

    She said: A wonderful California wine! Fragrant, full of flavor, nice body and smooth, this wine is very tasty and a good example of California wines. For me it was too sweet but for most American drinkers it’s resemblance to fruit drinks is probably not a problem. At $54. it is way too expensive to recommend d as a bargain wine. In fact, it is difficult to understand how this wine could fetch that price, but I am not into sweet wine.