Etude Lyric Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2014

Recommendation: OK California Pinot Noir.

Winery/Producer: Etude Wines; Napa , California.

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Geographic Region, Appellation: Santa Barbara County, California.

Vintage: 2014

Price: $15 (At a wine dinner)

Purchased From: The Village Tavern; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Turkey, stuffing, spicy cauliflower salad, sweet potato, cabbage salad.


    He said: Opened one-hour before drinking. Clear light Ruby red with a very light rim. Fruity aroma with hints of damp earth. Dark cherry taste that starts smooth and very slightly bitter than at about mid palate it gets a little rough and finishes with hints of sweetness and lots of alcohol. OK with the left-over turkey dinner but not a wine I would buy again. We had this at a wine pairing dinner with pork spring rolls and a cherry dipping sauce and I think the sweet sauce covered up the faults of the wine.

    She said: Ruby red color, opaque, lots of thin speedy legs. The wonderful red fruit aroma led to a similar taste with some sweetness and a hint of tartness at the back of the palate. The wine had so much body I would not recognize it as a Pinot Noir and I loved it. The tannins were soft and the finish long. The wine was OK with the turkey and dressing, overwhelmed by the salads, but sang with the sweet potato. If you like big bodied California Pinot Noir this is a good buy at $15.

    Etude Wines vineyard
    Comments: Learn more about Etude Wines.

Alcohol: 14.2%

Bar code: NA

Imported by: NA

Photo from PalateXposure.