Salice Salentino Vecchia Torre 2010

Recommendation: Quality wine at a bargain price.

Winery/Producer: Salice Salentino; Leverano, Italy.

Grape Variety: Negroamaro.

Geographic Origin: Puglia, Italy.

Vintage: 2010.

Price: $8.00 (We bought two bottles from the discount bin for 20% off. It is normally $10 with the case discount)

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: 1st Tasting: Onion, green pepper and garlic red sauce pasta, Caesar salad. 2nd Tasting:Greek chicken, green beans and rice.


    He said: 1st Tasting: Dark purple/red color. Nice blackberry and ripe fruit bouquet, intense fruity taste that extends into a medium-long (nice) dry finish. The tannins were smooth. It is VERY good pared with the tomato sauce. This is a sleeper wine…It was way better than I expected…in a word it was OUTSTANDING, and a bargain!!!

    2nd Tasting: The second bottle had a more cherry than blackberry in the bouquet and taste. Although it was not as good a pairing as the first bottle, it’s a delicious Italian red. We both love strong flavorful wines and this really fits the bill.

    She said: 1st Tasting: Absolutely delicious with this dinner. Deep garnet color. From the succulent berry flavored bouquet to the dry finish, this fruity wine was a great red sauce paring. It’s medium body and smooth tannins make for a very good inexpensive southern Italian wine. For me this was beautifully balanced and at $8 a bargain.

    2nd Tasting: One sniff of the bouquet and you know this is a great wine. We have had it before and loved it. No Surprise. Even I could taste the rich cherry flavor. To be fair I have to admit that it did not pair especially well with the Greek chicken probably because of the lemon in the dish. Eaten with the rest of the meal it was wonderful with a medium body and long tasty finish. One of the GREAT bargain wines at $8.

    Comments: See the 2nd tasting at Salice Salentino Vecchia Torre 2010 (2nd Tasting)

Alcohol: 13.5%

Bar code: 769630222069