Rajat Parr Wine Club Pais 2017

Synopsis, Our Opinion: VERY UNUSUAL wine that was easy drinking and fun. We strongly recommend it…this may well be “THE BEST” Mission wine ever produced!!!

Producer/Winery: Sandhi Vintners; Lompoc, California.

Grape Variety: Mission grape.

Geographic Appellation,, Region, Country: Deaver Vineyards; Amador County, California.

Vintage: 2017

Price: $28.00 (with a Rajat Parr club discount)

Purchased From: Rajat Parr Wine Club; Lompoc, California.

Paired With: Lentil soup, garden salad and fresh baked multigrain sourdough boule.


    Prologue: Here’s what Raj Parr says about his Mission Wine: “Planted in 1854, the fruit from the Deaver Ranch in Amador County is one of the oldest vineyards in California and also is one of the last vestiges of the Mission grape in the state. Originally from Spain and brought over to California in the 1700s by the Franciscan missionaries, the Mission grape, which is also known as País, and Listán Prieto in the Canary Islands, was successfully planted in California and used for table, sacramental and fortified wine purposes. Mission is hardy, resistant to drought and prefers the hot and dry climates of the southern United States. Wild and almost savage like berry aromas spring from the glass along with baking spices and pepper. Crunchy, fresh and tasty on the palate. Super drinkable. 600 bottles made.”

    Chilled before drinking. Clear, light cranberry red with a brownish tint and the same color rim. Ripe wild Wineberries (Rubus phoenicolasius) and funky damp earth aromas. Smooth entry, dry, very tart mouthfeel, light body and a 150-grit texture. Tart Wineberry and Boysenberry flavors along with plenty of fresh acidity, smooth tannins and a long dusty and spicy finish. On the first pour we both commented that it was a thin wine, but the fresh character and unusual flavors made it very enticing. We were really drawn to the dry tartness and the more it warmed up the better it became. We have a second bottle and will not chill it. VERY UNUSUAL wine that was easy drinking and fun. We strongly recommend it…this may well be “THE FINEST” Mission wine ever produced!!!

Raj Parr in his Lompoc winery
Photo from Rajat Parr Wine Club.
Comments: Learn more about the Raj Parr Wine Club and their wines.

Alcohol Content: 13%

Closure: Reconstructed cork.

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