Joseph Carr Merlot 2010

Recommendation: Recommended as a buy.

Winery/Producer: (Blended and bottled by) Joseph Carr, St. Helena, California.

Grape Variety: Merlot.

Geographic Region, Appellation: Napa Valley, California.

Vintage: 2010

Price: $15.75

Purchased From: Village Tavern at Reynolda Village (Wine tasting dinner); Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Pared With: Thai chicken (mild); Chili (medium hot)


    He said: Crystal clear ruby red color. Strong ripe fruit with some alcohol aromas. Intense cherry, plumb and coffee taste (and hints of alcohol) with a very nice long dry, chewy finish. This is a wine that starts slowly and finishes with a long, balanced and flavorful finish. If this had been at a little different price point (say $10.-12.) I would have said it was great; at $15.70 it’s still good Merlot, but not a bargain.

    She said: Tonight was left over night so Ray had chili and I had Thai chicken (mild). Of course there was a dilemma and he picked a California Merlot. It had a 14.1% alcohol content that I noticed very quickly in the bouquet and to a lesser extent in the taste. Rich in flavor with a full body and prominent tannins I enjoyed this wine right into its long finish. While the wine was pleasing with my Thai chicken dinner, Ray complained that his Chili was so hot that it overwhelmed the wine. Once his dinner was finished he enjoyed the wine as it did. At $15.75 this is not a bargain but I enjoyed it and would buy it again.


Alcohol: 14.1%

Bar code: 857744001011