Chateau St Jean California Merlot 2010

Recommendation: Not recommended.

Winery/Producer:Vinted and Bottled by Chateau St. Jean;Napa, California

Grape Variety: Merlot

Geographic Region, Appellation: California

Vintage: 2010

Price: $11.99

Purchased From: Total Wine; Northridge, California

Paired With: Chicken cooked with piquant sauce, brussel sprouts, and sweet potato


    He said: Ruby red color. Light cherry aromas with hints of alcohol. Harsh, acidic fruit taste that gets even more harsh in the medium-length finish. Terrible and that says it all.

    She said: Sorry to say, this is not even as good as my cheap box wine. Little or no aroma or flavor. Harsh, light bodied and the medium long finish is not a plus. At $11.99 it is a rip off. It’s a harsh blah wine with nothing to recommended it.


Alcohol: 13.8%

Bar code: 089819796885