Laurent Lebled Vin de France “Ca C’est Bon!” 2013

Recommendation: Pending.

Winery/Producer: S.A.S.U. Laurent Lebled, Domaine À la Vôtre; Savigny-en-Véron, France.

Grape Variety: Gamay

Geographic Region, Appellation: Vin de France; Loire Valley, France.

Vintage: 2013

Price: $20

Purchased From: The Caviste Wine Shop; Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Paired With: Grilled chicken, mustard potato salad and blue cheese coleslaw.


    He said: Opened 30-minutes before drinking. Clear, very light garnet/brick red color with the same color rim. POWERFUL wet leather and damp earth aromas with hints of fruit. This starts light bodied, smooth and a tad fruity, than about mid-palate a tartness creeps in and continues to grow through the medium-length finish. When we got this wine we knew it had lots of “zip” and it does…But it’s also nothing like any Gamay we have ever had!!! In the end it was interesting and definitely not for those who like sweet or bland red wine. But, if your adventurous this would be a good wine to have with a sweet dinner; Vicky makes a mild Indian dinner that is strongly flavored with apricot and this might be a much better pairing than the grilled chicken.

    She said: Brownish red color, murky, slow fat legs. This wine scores high points for aroma and flavor, but suffers from a sour taste. The aromas and flavors were sweaty horse and wet leather; the body was light and the tannins were almost indiscernible. The finish was medium-long but dominated by the tartness overlying the wet leather taste. The wine did not go well with the dinner, but offered such good flavor and aroma that I would like to find a more suitable pairing for it. It was a very unique wine but until I can think of a dinner that complements it I would not want to have it again.

    Laurent Lebled, owner and wine maker of Domaine À la Vôtre
    Comments: Learn more about Laurent Lebled and his wines.

Alcohol: 10.4%

UPC Code: 610373581718

Imported by: Louis/Dressner Selections; New York, New York.

Photo from Vinogusto.