Lock & Key Meritage North Coast 2009

Recommendation: Quality Wine at a Bargain Price

Winery/Producer: Lock & Key Wine Company; St. Helena, California

Grape Variety: Red Meritage blend

Geographic Origin: North Coast, California

Vintage: 2009

Price: $12.50

Purchased From: The Village Tavern (10/30/12 Wine Tasting dinner); Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Sweet potato soup flavored with rosemary, garlic and yogurt, and garnished with chives. Italian toasted bread topped with butter and parmesan cheese.


    He said: Medium red color. Dark berry bouquet, strong dry ripe berry taste that continues into an even dryer long finish. This is good from the first sniff to the end of the finish. Lots of flavors, good balance and great acidity. This is a wine that you can taste just by smelling it!!! It’s a great value and it gets a “Quality Wine at a Bargain a Price” recommendation.

    She said: Strong fruity bouuet; dry dark fruit flavor with full body and moderate tannins that last into a long tasty finish. The dinner was full of flavor and the wine went well with it. Delicious wine and a good buy at $12.50. A good substitute for a Cabernet.