Kitchen Sink Red Table Wine

Recommendation:Not recommended

Winery/Producer: Kitchen Sink Blends; Santa Rosa, California

Grape Variety: Blend: Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah

Geographic Origin: California

Vintage: Unknown

Price: $9.99

Purchased From: Total Wine; Northridge, California

Paired With: Chicken stroganoff with egg noodles and broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix


    He said: Dark ruby red color. Very light berry bouquet. Some berry flavor with a disappointing sweetness in the taste. Somewhat dry finish that ends with a bitterness.

    She said: Fruit aroma; slight berry flavor, medium body, somewhat sweet with a harsh finish. Not a good buy at $9.99.

    Comments: This is another wine that doesn’t have a vintage date, so you can’t be sure if it’s the same as described above. We’ve had this wine several times before and thought it was quite good; those bottles didn’t even resemble the wine described above. The previous bottles were purchased from Total Wine in North Carolina about a year ago.