Domaine Des Soulanes Cuvee Jean Pull 2010

Recommendation: Recommended as a buy.

Winery/Producer: Cathy and Daniel Laffite; Tautavel, France

Grape Variety: Blend: 60% Carignan Noir and 40% Grenache Noir.

Geographic Origin: Cotes Catalanes, France

Vintage: 2010

Price: $17 (From the 20% off bin)

Purchased From: The Caviste, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Pared With: Salmon casserole with peas, onion, garlic and parsley in white wine creme sauce; Romaine lettuce salad with Caesar style dressing.


    He said: Clear, very dark purple-red color. VERY nice dark berry, with just a hint of damp earth aromas. Concentrated fruit taste with a long, dry, tart fruit finish. WOW…what a fantastic wine!!! Wonderful bouquet…so good you don’t have to drink the wine to enjoy it, outstanding ripe fruit taste and a long chewy finish. Lots of heavy alcohol body, strong fruit and a great balance of acid and tannins. It’s a memorable wine and it went perfectly with the salmon.

    She said: Sometimes you take a chance and it pays off big time and this is one of hose times. When at The Caviste we dipped into the 20% off discount bin and found this wonderful wine. We knew nothing about it or the main grape in it, Carignan. A little research revealed that it had all the qualities we both like in a red wine. Specifically, the aromas were to die for, full of red berries and when rolling it around in your mouth I could taste the cherry, strawberry and raspberry. But all this was heralded by the deep purplish red color filled with promise. Rich and full bodied with high acidity this wine was a great complement for our creme sauce dinner and was even better with a chocolate bonbon. This bottle was a wonderful wine experience. Loved it, and it’s an excellent value for the price.


Bar code: NA